Timetable Management

The Timetable Module helps to prepare class timetable efficiently, effectively and easily. It is practical and flexible enough to implement existing policies of an institution or create new ones. It allows defining the recess times for each and every program, makes the allocation of subjects to relevant faculty a breeze, not only it helps the user allocate the work load it also warns of situations where the allocated load can lead to schedule conflicts or burns the individual who is overloaded with work. A great copy+paste feature allows to copy an already existing schedule and paste it to some other faculty account. While this makes the data entry much faster and accurate it also checks & warns of duplications. At the administrator level this module assists in setting up the policies and defining of timings at the institute level which are displayed on user’s screen at the time of assigning class schedules to each faculty and program. It also customize and define set of rules or preferences for teacher, subject, day, class period range, class period type, and resource needed for generating daily timetable. Once assigned the entire schedule for the term is displayed on the dash board of faculty and students.

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