Healthcare Management

The Health Care Management module allows managing medical history of students and staff. Once the student is granted an admission or employee a job, their medical record can be generated in the HCM. When required the person gets assigned to a doctor and schedules for medical checkup. Once allocate and approved the same is communicated thru email on its registered email address of the patient. Students can view scheduled medical checkup’s detail on their dashboard. The medical consultant can investigate and record symptoms, prescribe medicines, recommend special treatments allow leave for rest if needed. All leave recommendations are sent to the approving authority on their dashboard. Upon approval of each medical leave system generates leave certificate for the period recommended by the medical consultant and the same period is marked as medical leave in attendance module automatically. Similarly, the admin/user can view/print fitness and leave certificates. The HCM has an immunization feature enabling records of immunization & allergy history of every Student & Staff. There is option to record family doctor record for both Students and Staff in any case of emergency. The system is equipped to automatically calculate the BMI of the registered patient, this helps doctors in recommending a fitness and diet program.

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