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  • User Friendly

    No Special computer/software skills needed. If you can navigate a website, you can use AIMS.

  • Web Based

    No costly software licenses needed to install AIMS on your device. All you need is a web browser that is already installed on your device.

  • Easy Sign-up and Easy Exit

    Want to use AIMS this month& not next month, no problem.

  • Quick Search

    Search any information on a student/employee through quick search option.

  • Social Media Ready

    Website designed using AIMS allows integration of institute’s existing social media pages.

  • Multiplatform Support

    AIMS support is offered on multiple platform, SKYPE, WhatsAPP, Phone Call, Screen Share, eMail.

  • Affordable Pricing

    Pay for what you use. No fixed contract, No fixed pricing

  • Wide Range of Services

    AIMS comes with installation, support, hosting, & training services.

  • Diversified Use

    Easy configuration allows AIMS use in any educational institution i.e. daycare, schools, colleges, universities, tuition academy or vocational training centers.

  • Video Conference

    AIMS allows video conference across multiple campuses of an institute.

  • Graphical Reports

    Whether it is a student’s performance or financial position of the institute, both can be analyze with easy to understand graphical reports.

  • Parent and Student Login

    Both parents and students have their individual logins, allowing to access AIMS 24/7 from anywhere.

  • Powerful Communication System

    Once in AIMS, user can communicate with students, faculty and staff by staying within AIMS. No need to get a separate email system for the institute. A great cost saving option for an institute

  • Control User Privileges

    Easy to assign and control user system privileges as per the user’s role and responsibility.

  • File Attachments

    Easy upload/download of files.

  • Custom URL

    Set your own custom URL for AIMS e.g.

  • Consolidated Marksheet

    AIMS automatically consolidate various exams into one single marksheet.

  • Adaptable

    AIMS can easily be scaled to each institution's own processes and procedures. Even user can define its own field and names and customize formulas for various calculations

  • Highest Data Security

    User’s data is highly secured and in 100% user’s own control. Multiple platform backup is provided for user’s convenience.

  • Beyond Academics

    AIMS comes with an ultimate & integrated Finance, Human Resource, and Inventory & Procurement modules.

  • eClassrooms

    Use AIMS to have foreign professors share their knowledge and expertise through e-classrooms. Assign single faculty to multiple campuses.

  • Secure Password Management

    Automated & easy recovery of lost/stolen password.

  • Paperless Operations

    If used to its fullest potential, AIMS makes an institute totally paperless. From e-Procurement to e-Lecturers.

  • State Compliance

    AIMS allows user to add/edit/delete formulas for compliance with tax and other statutory payments.

  • Automatic Alerts

    Easy configuration allows sending real time alerts to parents/students on mobile devices.

  • Smart Timetable

    AIMS's time table module has smart features like customized class timings and calendar.

  • Money Back Policy

    Not satisfied, easy exit allows to opt out of AIMS eco-system anytime.

  • Electronic Attendance

    A student’s attendance is marked automatically as he/she enters the campus with real time alerts to parents.

  • API support

    AIMS allows integration of the other hardware.

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