Website Management

Our signature module helps any organization especially an educational institute, develop and maintain its own website by using easy to use forms and templates. No formal knowledge or technical training is required to design, build, host and operate a website. Being built from within our own operating system, it allows seamless integration into other core applications. It greatly reduces the dependence on third party vendors for developing and maintaining a website, ideal for departments within an educational institute if they want to have their own identity with-in the eco system of parent institute. All the website pages are dynamic and can be easily updated as frequently as needed.

This independence, free-up the management from constantly chasing the website vendor to update site and helps the staff concentrate on matters that drive an institution. In-house website maintenance not only saves the cost but, also enables keeping the most up-to date information available to users.

Among other features, some of the salient functions are to manage and control webpage contents and pictures by simple ON-Off switch, quick & unlimited uploading of albums & photographs. Create a link with organization’s social media profiles and pages. Deployment of comprehensive feedback & complain form for immediate addressing. Supported by Google maps. All the mentioned features are editable and can easily be updated through this module.

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