Transport Management

Transportation management allows the user in setting-up of transportation services of school, even if it is sublet to a contractor. This on-line facility relieves the school from the responsibility of looking after the transportation needs of its employees and staff or students. Like other modules data and information residing in this module is integrated and exported to other modules without involving the user’s interaction.

Transportation fee is calculated and charged to respective person in his/her account. Status of vehicles & available of seats can be checked at any particular time. In addition assigning and managing of vehicles routing, timing, pick-up and drop-off points can also be done. It tracks vehicle’s maintenance schedules & validity of fitness certificates. Driver’s profile and offense are also recorded and maintained through this module. A part from vehicles, transport contractors can also be managed through application’s dashboard. Tasks like contractor’s profile, reminder for driver’s license renewal, assignment of vehicles to a particular contractor and filing of complains & recording of driving offense can easily be managed through this app.

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