Is Web-based school management software the right fit for you?

What is school management software?

Simply put, school management software is a tool or a platform that helps schools better implement all of the processes that make up the running of a school.

While it is best suited for taking up administrative tasks, school management software is beneficial to a variety of stakeholders. Parents can use school management software for a variety of purposes, from tracking the academic progress of their child in the class to receiving live updates about their location while commuting between school and home using school transport. Teachers are able to use school management software to better administer their classes and also improve communication with other stakeholders like parents and students to ensure that work is goal oriented. Administers are able to reduce the labor required of them by automating numerous repetitive and rules-driven processes using the school management software. Management also benefits from the use of school management software – the reduced labor and overhead costs will positively impact the bottom line.

What is Web Based School Management Software?

A web-based school management software is a type of school management software that runs in your native browser, This type of school management software only requires a internet connection & a web browser. A web-based school management software can also be a client-based software that is installed on the desktop but only operates over the internet using an external server.

What are the advantages of web-based school management software?

  • Anywhere accessibility

Web-based school management software can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection. This means the web-based school management software can be accessed and used from a mobile phone, a tab, a laptop, a desktop or any device that is connected to the internet. There is no need to download any special app or plugin in order to be able to use web-based school management software. It can be accessed through a simple, pre-existing world wide web browser.

  • One window record management

All information that is being used and processed within the web-based school management software is stored within this school management software itself. This information would include everything from administrative processes to student information to live to track of the school bus or school transport for students commuting from school to home and vice versa. Easy, one window accessibility of information is important for efficient and easy decisions making for all users of the web-based school management software.

  • Unique user-driven experience

Unlike generic school management software, web based school management software is often way more user-oriented. This is through a variety of ways, but often, web-based school management software will offer different user experiences or user interfaces for each stakeholder in the educational ecosystem, including parents, teachers or educators, management, administrative staff, non-education staff, and students. The web-based school management software may not contain all these profiles – instead they can often be customized to suit each educational institution’s specific needs.

  • Using familiar technology

For most stakeholders, including those who were not born into using technology in their schools and workplaces, a web-based school management software is still more familiar than other apps or platforms. A large portion of employees at educational institutions is used to and comfortable with the use of their native web browsers. This means that less time and effort and funds will be spent to onboard users of a web-based school management software, resulting in faster understanding and use of the web-based school management software.

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