How to adapt remote working tools

During this pandemic, our daily routine has changed when it comes to education, as schools are looking at new ways to help provide education for their students. They have begun updating their infrastructure and focusing on online and remote learning.

Schools are implementing new solutions like brainy LMS, conducting Virtual classrooms, and/or working with academic management systems like AIMS to smooth thier day to day operations while working from home. Parents are also investing in new hardware, internet and are training kids to ensure that they continue through online education without any issues or hassle.

On the other hand, it is really interesting to see how the schools are changing and ensuring that the teachers and students have everything they need for a successful learning-from-home experience.

There are a few tips and tricks that should help schools do better at online learning, still you must follow the recommendations provided by your government before making any decisions and investments of your own.

1. Get the Right Equipment:

First and foremost, is to get the right equipment or tools for remote learning. If you are going to invest make sure you invest in the right tools. You must consider each student’s needs based on their age, grade, and the kinds of activities they will be participating in, this will help you invest accordingly. Although one thing is for sure, the absolute basics for their tech-based implementation are an internet connection and a front-facing camera.

2. Invest in the Right Places:

Especially the schools in Pakistan, it is very difficult for all of them to make a huge investment like this, purchasing tools or even to rent hardware technology will become costly for them. If they plan to do this, then in turn will add more burden to students.

So, the schools would also need to consider investing in refurbished equipment and or if possible, re-purpose your current infrastructure with economical software like AIMS and Brainy LMS along with web conferencing to make sure the teachers can give and the education seamlessly and efficiently.

3. Create a Sense Of Community:

These times have been stressful for everyone, so a school must also create a good environment and learning experience for everyone, online. In addition, the schools must also ensure that the environment provided is adaptable and can entice and motivate teachers and students. One idea is to create an online community/forum the school where teachers and students interact together and discuss topics that are related to education.

4. Keep Adapting:

Lastly, it must be kept in mind that this is a hit or miss process. Since this is a learning curve for all of us there are bound to be some mistakes to be made so, we must be ready to change, adapt and fix our shortcomings quickly to ensure the education that everyone deserves.

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