Who is AIMS for?

AIMS is suitable for all academic institutions. With smart configuration & its user friendly flexible architecture, it can put to good use for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Technical training institutes and tuition academies.

How is AIMS different from other campus management software present in the market?

AIMS has been designed and developed after 5 years of research on challenges faced by education institutions. AIMS is an enterprise grade campus management software which not only helps in imparting education beyond borders it also assists in administration side of the institute. It has best & proven work flows embedded into each of its 27 modules.

What is a SaaS based software?

It is an online, service which does not required any special hardware, software or infrastructure. A basic Internet connection & a computing device is need to access this most user friendly software.

What about the hosting server?

We host this on our own most secure server with 99% uptime guaranteed.

How secure is a user’s data?

With 128 bit encryption users data is as save as it would be with any reputed data centers of the world.

Is there any Data backup facility?

Yes! Your data will always be available at a remote secured backup location.

Are the any separate charges for Back-up?


Can AIMS be customized as per my specific needs?

Sure! Let’s see how you can help us improve AIMS. Click & we will get in touch with you.

What are the payment terms?

Pay for what you use. There is no upfront cost. Only pay for the students enrolled in the school. If your enrollment drops so does your cost of AIMS.

Can my data be exported to other software I use?

Yes! Data from AIMS can easily be exported to most of the efficiency improvement software Microsoft office and secured PDF files.

Can I save my files in PDF?


Is training provided on How to use AIMS?


How is training provided?

One-on-one, Tutorial Videos, Webinars and SKYPE sessions.

Do you provide Support services?


How is support provided?

e-Mail, WhatsApp, Phone Call & SKYP. Using state of the art ticketing system the turnaround time is within hours.

Can you help us integrate our old data into AIMS?

Let’s find out more about your current system first, Click here.

What are the benefits of AIMS?

We rather have you explore yourself. Why not schedule a Demo now.

Tell me something about the technology behind this software?

To keep the technical jargon out, let’s say it’s the same technology Facebook uses. Convinced already! Let’s Talk.

Where do I sign up for AIMS?

Please contact us to schedule a demo with us.

Are there any Hidden charges?

No! No royalties, No Licensing Cost, No fear of piracy.

Can I resell this software?

Yes! Interested? Let’s find out more about you.

Can I have the option to upgrade or downgrade from one plan to other plan once I start using the software?


Can I try AIMS before I decide to subscribe?


How long can I use AIMS for?

As long as you want.

What is the exit policy?

Once you start using AIMS to its full potential you will never leave the eco-system of efficiency & productivity it offers. However, circumstances change and & a simple eMail will exit you from AIMS network.

Do you refund money if I do not like your software?


Is AIMS free?

Yes! If you meet a certain criteria. Let’s Talk.

Your questions and comments are important to us.  Reach us by phone, email or click link below.